Cheddar Mayne – What you don’t know about the Ghanaian ‘Hip Hop’ Artist

Born to a deprived family whom he takes so much pride in, Shafique was delivered into the realm of earth on May 27,1988 in Tamale, Ghana. He’s popularly known by his stage name Cheddar. He’s a Ghanaian Hip Hop artist, patriot and entrepreneur. Cheddar grew up in a family that faced lots of challenges,as his his father was a driver on a peasant payroll and mother, a dedicated nurse. His parents later got divorced. From a broken home this highly talented individual who drives his inspiration from the life he is surrounded by, broke the shackles and made it the Tertiary education. He shamed temptations despite the situation he was subjected to. Hardships did not prevent Cheddar from attending one of the prestigious schools in Tamale; Dahin Sheli school. Where he sat for his Basic Education Certificate Examination, and made it thereof to another first-class institution; Prempeh College.
14th October The inspirational poetry show.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About NazzOfficial

Afro Pop artiste Nazz is one who shot to fame with his highly anticipated debut song MoneyO. Nazz whose real name is Alhassan Mohammed Nazeeru is the son of highly respected Alhaji Al Hassan, Public Relations Officer for Ghana Hajj Agency. He spoke in an interview with Sanatu Zambang as this month marks his one year in the showbiz industry and shared some interesting things about himself. (1) Nazz father is the Public Relations Officer for Ghana Hajj Agency, his father Alhaji Al Hassan is also the founder of Ansaria Hajj travel agency. Ansaria Hajj Agency has been in business for years, and he is one of the most trust worthy Hajj agent in the northern regions and Ghana at large. (2) Nazz is the last of 8 siblings(4 sisters and 3 brothers) the elder’s sister and brother are bankers, the other is Sheefah Pagbidalma outspoken Politician and advocate for women and children living in the US, the other works in the Northern Region Audit Service and one a professional nurse, another brother…

Northern Ghana: Top 10 Singers in 2017

Music indeed is the food that feeds the soul. Music has changed the face of humanity, music has changed history and the way of life. There’s clear evidence both scientifically and spiritually that music makes us happy, it’s a source of motivation, lowers stress levels and depression, makes you sleep better, and elevates our moods. In Northern Ghana there so many musicians but who among them should feature in the list of top 10 best singers in 2016/17 10 – Flower Gaskia : From the Zolahood camp, he is the finest. His composure and style of singing is very narrative and easily understandable. Flower Gaskia has a couple of singles and album’s to his credit. Speaking to Mumuni YUNUS on Justice Fm super morning show on Thursday 21 September, the singer hinted that he is working on his next album and might launch the album this year. 9 – Vizion : Self acclaimed as the melody doctor, Vizion is another amazing singer. Having part ways with Maccasio few years ago. Fresh boy Vizion was signed un…

“The ” Gold teeth ” is neither an activity nor a requirement for Hajj ” – Naafi’u

Ever since Sheefa Pagbisalma shared her opinion on why she removed her ” Hajj Gold Tooth ” many have been wondering what exactly is the purpose of the ” gold teeth ” and its significance to Hajj.
While others have now realized that one can go to Hajj without coming home with a ” gold teeth ”
After reading Sheefa Pagbisalma story, Aj Oke said ” Honestly, I thought once you go to hajj and back , one has to wear a gold teeth. In fact people who didn’t wear them we had thought they were not credible Alhaji and Alhaja. We usually don’t reckon with them but reading this has put things into different perspectives for me Thank you for the education ”
Muhammad Naafik also had this to share “First of all, Hajj comes with lots of benefits for Muslims, which include; spiritual, social, and worldly benefits. I will only touch on the worldly benefits in response to the expressed opinion of our sister.
Owners of vehicles and the likes rent them out to help pilgrims during hajj activities, hence, source o…

GLOBAL SHAPERS COMMUNITY (Tamale Hub) Visit Farms Affected by Army Worms

As part of the Global Shapers Tamale Hub plans this year to visit and engage communities and educate them on how to fight their own problems and not wait for Government or politicians.  Speaking to the community people in the Kumbugu District of the Northern Region, the young change makers also took the challenge to visit some of the farms, hence witness with their own eyes how the army worms have destroyed their food crops.

Farmers in the north have been complaining about lack of assistance from the agric minister as they battle the fall armywrom invasion. The Global Shapers Tamale Hub, curiosity came following the Deputy Agric Minister comments on Accra based Radio station StarrFm ” “Anybody in the north who said his farm was destroyed by armyworm would have to prove it. “You see that is how our brothers, excuse my language, it is so difficult to deal with them.
“I lived there for 27 years, I speak Dagbani like a Dagomba and all that. They are very difficult people. Nobody can subst…

Huzeima Meets Ayisha – ” A 14yr Old Head Porter “

Somewhere in Kumasi I met this beautiful girl called Ayisha from Yendi working as a head porter. She could not tell me her age for she dropped out of school when she was in class two to go and live with her aunt. She looked like a 14 year old and below. Through our conversations she was in Kumasi for money to buy kitchen utensils for marriage. I was able to convince her to think about learning a vocational skill and to use the utensils money to buy a sewing machine to learn how to design and make clothes. I am sad I could not give her enough money to buy a sewing machine. But my question is what are we doing as a country to ensure Ayisha and her friends stay in school to enjoy the free education. So I think all stakeholders in education should think of how to ensure every child in Ghana irrespective of their location and background goes to school to at least High School level. Parents have to play a major role to ensure that every Ghanaian child goes to school. I still stand for gi…

Inside the Chinese-led gambling epidemic in rural Ghana

When the machines arrived last winter, the villagers were mesmerized. In Zamashegu, a farming community of 1,000 people in northern Ghana, they may as well have come from outer space — four electric slot machines installed in two roadside shacks, chirping and clattering, bathing the packed-dirt walls in a pale, kaleidoscopic glow. Their lure was magnetic. Soon, villagers stopped farming, leaving their yam and cassava fields fallow. Children stayed home from school. Instead, they’d queue up at the slots and play all day, until their pockets were empty or the village ran out of change altogether. About twice a week, a Chinese man would arrive in a pickup truck. He would unlock the machines, hand some cash to the shacks’ owners and drive off — carrying about $100 in coins and, many villagers came to understand, their community’s hope for the future. Chinese slot machines began appearing throughout rural Ghana early last year. And though the scope of the phenomenon remains unclear, i…