Ghanaian held Hostage in Liberia

Director and Editor of television entertainment show Trailer TV, showing on GhoneTV.  Bright Asiamah Cortez has been held hostage in Liberia.
According to the 25year old film maker, Emeka Obiamiwe,CEO of Nuera Incorporated, Mr Emeka Obiamiwe who is half Nigerian and half Liberian doesn't care whether his workers eat or not and  expect his workers to work everyday including Sundays and insults everyone here. Calling them poor people from poor homes and all kinds of foolish things.
Bright 25, told Mr Emeka he is tired, and had enough of his insults, return to his apartment " Liberia and Mr Emeka held his laptop and luggage. Bright Asiamah Cortez has reported the case to the Ghana Embassy in Liberia. According to the 25yr old film maker, " When I dress to work, he tells me not to look like that, I dress like am the boss ". 
Bright Asiamah Cortez added that " Mr Emeka kicked him out of the house on Friday and spreading false reports that, Bright Asiamah Cortez has …

Radio Journalist and StarXTV host Weds Long Time Sweet Heart

Popular Radio Journalist and StarXTV host Mumuni Yirifa Yunus aka TheYirifa of Radio Justice and the YirifaOnline  is no longer addressed officially as a bachelor with effect from last Sunday July 16, 2017.

Mumuni Yunus tied the knot in a very colorful and classy wedding ceremony with his beautiful wife Bahija Suleman now known as Mrs.Yunus, who doubles up a practicing Nurse.
Some of the dignitaries and familiar faces present to support the newly wedded couple included: Hamza Lansah Lollu, Van Dar Sah Yussif, Naana Nihad of Boldsteps Foundation, Nana Kyei, Rahama Zakaria of Nubian Entertainment, Arnold Mashud of Hyper Links, Hostess of StarXTV and Diamond fm Brago Josephine , Kasi Studios, Mr Adnan, Justice Fm Hassan, Dj fresh, Murphy Rauf, Mr Micheal of Kasi Studios, Northern Bloggers Association among others

Mumuni Yunus and Sulemana Bahija have been together for almost 6years now, Surprisingly both couples are products of Business Senior High School (BISCO). Mumuni Yunus and Sulem…

Northern Ghana Celebrates '' Tilaa '' as they Sing & Dance to Maccasio Ninsala

Northern Ghana most celebrated rapper Maccasio pulled a surprisingly stunned on the 27th day of Ramadan. The zola hood based Rapper just released the best Ramadan song in 2017.

Just like Halloween which is celebrated by many across the globe, Tilaa is a festival which has similar traits. The white people say Trick or Treat in Halloween but Dagombas Tilaa has a different way. It is celebrated on every 27 on the Dagombas calendar which also falls on the 27 day of Ramadan.

Ninsala by Maccasio was first reportedly to be released on the day of Eid al Fitr but on the 27 day of Ramadah which doubles up a celebration night for many Muslims and traditional, the multiple award winning rapper choose to release it as his way of giving out what he has deeply from his heart.

Maccasio Ninsala took over the airwaves and playlist of almost all the music lover across the region, with thousands of fans, Djs and music pundits asking '' SO HE CAN SING ? ''. Instead of singing the Tilaa song,…

Rock N Roll this Eid al-Fitr with HiBeads

No matter your traditions, as long as you are a Muslim, the Eid Fitr  season is a complete food fest.  And given the extensive time you’ll be spending at the tables, and on social media a stylish and comfortable outfit matters a lot. However, dressing to impress, either yourself or a potential admirer.

Luckily, beads has taken over the expensive necklace cost away and these beads are good as necklace depending on who makes them. Sanatu Zambang introduces to you HiBeads. HiBeads is a beads artistry company established to develop a vast range of products wholly from beads.

Many Muslims celebrate by dressing their best on Eid. The Prophet Muhammad was known to have worn his best cloak for both Eid holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Where Eid celebrations often include diverse Muslims cultural groups in the same gathering, there is no common holiday style. Many times, people will actually wear an outfit from a Muslim culture other than their own.

Ramadan will finish on either June 24…

Lamisi got '' more '' than just the Silky voice - Mumuni Y Yunus

Northern Ghana, majority of music lovers were stunned by her silky voice when they saw Lamisi “Tanka Fanka” on StarXTV, a weekly entertainment magazine show showing currently on NTV.
This was the first time most viewers of NTV saw her music video and they took to social media to hail her talent.

Born Regina Lamisi Awiniman Anabilla Akuka, she is one of the powerful voices who’s played on various major Ghanaian live band sets. Lamisi who is still with her Band (Patch Bay Band), soothes in this first single “Tanka Fanka”, a phrase coined from the Hausa parlance which means “forget everyone and stay focused”. This single, produced by Adangba is tipped to officially introduce the silky voice Singer’s solo career

'' It is very easy to give up when faced with challenges and this phenomenon is what motivated new artiste, Lamisi, to release her maiden single titled Tanka Fanka. Tanka Fanka is a motivational song which encourages people not to dwell on problems or challenges they migh…

Northern Ghana Startups grab (5) Nominations at the 2017 Ghana Startups awards

Northern Ghana startups grabs (5) nominations at the 2017 Ghana Startups awards. The nominations for the various categories was released on 19th June, 2017 by the organizers of the Ghana Startup Awards, The African Network of Entrepreneurs(TANOE).

Unlike previous years, Northern Ghana recorded a lot of new faces on the nomination list. Multiple award winning company Hyperlink Entertainment Gh, has grabbed two nominations, namely media Startup of the year and student setup of the year. Northern Ghana most popular and promising clothing line Wear Nation, and Roots by Linnan took the category of Fashion Startup of the year, while CowTribe came under the Technology Startupof the year.

Unlike other Startups Wear Nation is an urban clothing brand that fuses African prints and leather into elegant designs. Having co-organized the first Fashion Run Way and has given back to society on countless occasions with the little sales they make.

Roots by Linnan is another classic clothing line from No…


We all know (and to a very large extent, agree) that, women have for centuries been excluded, and there's no denying the fact that, the problem of gender targets women. Listening to, and reading from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie inspired my interest for Feminism and I've been an advocate of that progressive course, albeit subtly. She puts it so well: Equality for all sexes.

However, to some people in our part of the country, especially Tamale, Feminism is an unprovoked verbal assault of the male gender. That's misandry and it violates the very principles on which Feminism is anchored on. It's certainly not right, for a woman to disguise her own unfair, matriarchal agenda in the name of Feminism. It's misandry to lamp up all men as chauvinist and sexist just because of their gender. That can't be right and I don't think any real feminist will do that.

Feminism isn't about fighting for supremacy over the male gender, but Equality. I know a few Feminists, and…