Nawuni Yiko; The June 29th story – Acts & Clauses: Tamale Mayor vrs ANE

Fancy Gadam and Patoranking had planned to stage one of the biggest show in Tamale on 30th June, 2018 but that did not come to life due to the unforeseen accident on the eve of show. On the eve of the show, an accident occurred between a Zylofone van and an articulator track resulting in the death of six and two of the deceased were found out to be Fancy Gadam fans because they were wearing shirts with Fancy image on it.

Without verifying or waiting for the police report on the cause of the accident, the mayor of Tamale, Musah Superior, went on rampage on radio to accuse Fancy Gadam because he believe it  was a float that cause the accident when in actual fact it was not the case.

It was unfortunate coming from someone in authority like his caliber asking a rhetorical question suggesting Fancy Gadam is using his fans blood to make it in music and down playing the hard work this young chap who is using his music to give people the chance to know that, there are talents in the north as…

Preach Islamic Feminism; I’m my father’s daughter not my husband’s

Story by Tiyumba Sweiba Yakubu
Editor; Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse

Some years ago, I visited my senior sister who was living in Accra, and whilst I was in the kitchen washing the dishes, I heard a loud exclamation by my sister “Koi Koi” in the local Dagbani dialect which can be literally translated as “What” in the English language.
I ran as fast as I could to the living room where, she and her friend were seated, very frightened and I was thinking something bad had happened only to realize that she was looking through her phone whilst making that big exclamation.

She called to her friend’s name and said, what kind of name are you using on your Facebook profile? Surprised at first, her friend also asked, what name? I love am using my name or?

Not allowing her friend to complete her statement, she asked, again, when did you start using Fareeda Ibrahim, because I have been with you in school and your father’s name is Abdul Rahman! With a loud laugh, her friend chuckled and asked; is this …

How Muslims Observe Ramadan, Tiila and Eid al-Fitr in Tamale, Ghana

Story by Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed

The month of Ramadan in the capital of Ghana’s Northern Region capital is one of the most beautiful times in the community.

Although Muslims constitute about 18 percent of the population in Ghana, in a Muslim majority area like Ghana’s Northern Region—where Muslims are about 60 percent of the population—the religious climate is refreshingly different.
According to data from the 2010 Population and Housing Census recorded by the Ghana Statistical Service, this is the region with the largest number of Muslims in Ghana. The month of Ramadan for many people of Tamale, the regional capital, is one of the most beautiful months of the year because the it dramatically changes many things in the city.

Below, I break down how the holy month is observed in Tamale. And before I proceed, this is not the meat Eid and no, Muslims don’t drink even water while fasting.

Ramadan (Nolori)
During Ramadan, most entertainment activities like music concerts, movie premieres…

My gynecologist is worried; 8 Ways to Overcome Anxiety About a Gynecologist Visit.

Story by Wumpini Lagfu

In Ghana and especially in some parts of the Northern region talking about sex and the female genitalia is almost like a taboo obviously due to some cultural and religious beliefs and perceptions.

But the good news is that things are changing rapidly as more people are getting educated.

The talk of visiting a gynecologist would have sound a lot weirder a few years ago than today, more people are getting comfortable with the idea of letting a strange take look at or “play” with their private private parts if it means they will get their health back.

What else can be more important than health. You can literally do nothing without good health. With sexual transmitted diseases and other diseases related to the female genitalia on the rise, visiting a gynecologist might just become a necessity rather than a choice.

Well, the good news is that there actually some things you could do to prepare yourself and get comfortable with the idea of visiting a gynecologist.


AITI KACE; Changing the face of IT learning in Africa

Story by Rahama Zakaria

Edited by Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse

The  Ghana – India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT is Ghana’s first Advanced Information Technology Institute. Founded in 2003, AITI-KACE is a world-class research facility with focus on innovating products and services for individual and institutional advancement. At AITI-KACE, students are exposed to industry professionals, mentors and also trained to become IT entrepreneurs.

AITI-KACE  Provides quality IT training, consultancy and research with focus on industry trends and needs. The institution provides Excellent training in Mobile Apps Development, Programming, Networking, Security, post graduate courses, ICDL, and many other ICT courses.

AITI-KACE, in fulfilment of its capacity-building mandate, and bridging the digital divide between male and female in the country has embarked on several projects to train and equip girls to become ICT literates and of such is the Girls Can Code project.

The Girls Can Code project is …

Alaaji NazzOfficial Rundown in 13 Rounds, from Sept 2016 to Dec 2017

Afro Pop artiste Nazz is one who shot to fame with his highly anticipated debut song MoneyO. Nazz whose real name is Alhassan Mohammed Nazeeru is the son of highly respected Alhaji Al Hassan, Public Relations Officer for Ghana Hajj Agency.

He spoke in an interview with  he shared some interesting things about himself.

(1) Nazz father is the Public Relations Officer for Ghana Hajj Agency, his father Alhaji Al Hassan is also the founder of Ansaria Hajj travel agency. Ansaria Hajj Agency has been in business for years, and he is one of the most trust worthy Hajj agent in the northern regions and Ghana at large.

(2) Nazz is the last of 8 siblings(4 sisters and 3 brothers) the elder’s sister and brother are bankers, the other is Sheefah Pagbidalma outspoken Politician and advocate for women and children living in the US, the other works in the Northern Region Audit Service and one a professional nurse, another brother of his works alongside his father, and one is a Telev…

It’s been a blessed year – Rocky Dawuni reflects on the year 2017

Ghanaian international afro music star and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni is reflecting on the year 2017 and the many successes he chalked.

The musician who is currently cooling off in Ghana for the holidays revealed to Spyderlee Entertainment TV’s Presenter Pamela Boateng during the just ended MUSIGA Presidential Grand Ball held at the State Banquet Hall that 2017 was a great year for him because of some of the great projects he embarked on.

‘2017 has been a year full of highs. It’s a year that I did a lot of work in terms of my UN works. I collaborated and traveled a lot on behalf of the UN. I was invited by the government of Canada and had the privilege of spending time with the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… I also traveled to India and spent time with some Grammy nominees and winners… For me, it was a year that I was leveraging my music more to impact for social action and that’s something I’ve been working on for a long time,’ the African star said.

He continued; ‘another t…