11 Ghanaian Tamale Base Musicians Who Deserve Attention

Northern region capital has seen tremendous growth in its music scene this year, one can boldly say the music scene has grown faster this year than expected. Fancy Gadam and Maccasio have been the talk about artiste over the past few months, both artiste have the largest fan base in the region, which of cause over shadows some classic, talented and mind blowing artiste in the region. 

These artiste are facing the hype over talent virus, Sanatu Zambang might not have the resources to cure this epidemic, but we sure can do our research and share with the public our findings. Our list also considers the impact these artiste have made throughout 2016. 

Here are the TOP 11 artiste from the northern region, Tamale. Some of these struggling artiste have managed to achieve local recognition, whiles the others have had worldwide recognition without a huge fan based and with less airtime on radio and television. One can’t imagine the kind of music, videos and achievements they would have gain for themselves, if they had the same huge fan base and opportunities, Maccasio and Fancy are enjoying.

Don sigli has been amazing thus year, especially with his hit single Wunpini. The song was rated 1st twice on the Northern Countdown chart show on justice fm and score 2nd and 3rd position on other several occasions. Wunpini has also named the song for the Tamale central member of parliment and for Roads and Transport minister Lawyer Inusah Fuseini campaign song fir the 2016 elections. Don sigli went ahead to even perform the song Wunpini to the outgoing President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, the National Chief Imam and other dignitaries at the inauguration of the Tamale International Airport.

Saani is another phenomenal artiste with his signature KaBelivi . Also known as the Dagbon warrior.  Saani has made his mark in the northern music scene with his charismatic stage performance and rap style. Saani has performed on several platforms both in Tamale and Accra. Without a win or nomination to his credit yet, Saani has lifted the name of Northern Ghana higher in the early months of 2016 and has since then kept the KaBelivi sprite burning.

IsRahim is another emerging singer, having had an album to his credit; the young singer has touched many Ghanaians with his song Tamale, which features Tamale very own Sharifa Gunu. IsRahim has also had the opportunity to travel to London for other art and musical shows and has also performed on stage alongside Sharifa gunu. IsRahim is set to release another single with Samini in January 2017.

Nuru is a sensational rapper, with his incredible blend of English and Dagbani in his rap, Nuru does it so romantically and exceptional. Nuru’s In a Moment has been aired on a number of television stations out Ghana and also received a nomination at the 2016 All Africa Music Awards in the category of most promising act.

Dboy is another energetic and spectacular rapper, Dboy emerged winner of the splash awards, taking home the award of most promising act. The Tamale based Ukraine rapper is amazingly talented, just like Nuru, he blends both English and Dagbani so well. Dboy has performed on a number of shows both in Ghana and Ukraine. Also known as the Rap Sapashini, certainly dboy deserves the titled crown him.

Nandos is specially talented in the area of traditional rap, Nandos digs out the roots of Dagbon rap, and that alone make him unique and special. Nandos also has the ability to use traditional rhythms to rap perfectly well. Nandos has also performed on a number of occasions in Accra and Tamale. Nandos does also disappoint when he mounts the stage to perform to audience. Nandos Dagbandoo was rated 1st in the Northern Coundown Chart Show in its second edition.

Nazz is another emerging afro pop and soul singer with an incredible style of singing, for first timers, one would argue that Nazz is not a Ghanaian after listening to his songs. Nazz came into the Tamale music scene in September 2016 and has made his mark with his hit single Baby Asana a refix of Tekno Pana, which has had 2,896 plays on Soundcloud. The singer also has to his credit two singles MoneyO and OneAfrica. A dance crew living in Netherlands uploaded a videoof them dancing to Nazz MoneyO fews weeks after its release.

One9ra is a tamale based Nigerian singer, receiving 1st position in the Northern Coundown Chart show a month ago, with his hit single Jeje featuring Fancy Gadam. One9ra has also performed on a number of occasions both in Tamale and Accra. With his accent one9ra has the tendency of making more Niaja-like-songs in the coming years and with the niaja songs trending in African and Europe, one9ra has lots to prove in the music market.

Lil k is another marvelous singer who has over the few months added more to the emerging music industry in the Tamale metropolis. Lil K ‘’MUMUNA’’ also made it to 3rd place on the Northern CountDown chart on Justice fm. The Tamale base singer has also invested money and time to shoot some of his music videos in Europe. The politicians hit maker also hand a massive turn out at his video lunch at the Tamale Sports Stadium few months ago. Lil K has also shared exceptional performances on the number of show/concerts he has been bailed to perform on

Ataaka is a creative rapper with an amazing sense of lyrical humor. The tamale base rapper has been in quite off and on this year, but when he storms a show/concert, or releases a new song he gets the people and fans up and talking. The Tpoly Dakunu hit maker aside from featuring Ruth and Smooth, also headlined David O second concert in Tamale this year. Even though he is a rapper, Ataaka manages to thrill audience with his stage performances anytime, anywhere.

Chogu Boys, creativity and lyrically there got it under control. The father and son team philosophy is working quite well for them, just like birdman and lil wayne. One of their 2016 highlights is the much talked about hit single Mba Baga featuring another exceptional young rapper LIL D. Every music lover will attest to the fact that when Chogu Boys mount the stage, drama, creativity and real punch lines will be served. Its magical how they manage to get everyone on their feet on glued to their television sets with rap style accompanied by their dramatic energy.

NB: Sanatu Zambang believe there are more of such artists but we might have missed it. If you know of any, kindly leave a comment so we can make another list.

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