Northern Ghana Celebrates '' Tilaa '' as they Sing & Dance to Maccasio Ninsala

Northern Ghana most celebrated rapper Maccasio pulled a surprisingly stunned on the 27th day of Ramadan. The zola hood based Rapper just released the best Ramadan song in 2017.

Just like Halloween which is celebrated by many across the globe, Tilaa is a festival which has similar traits. The white people say Trick or Treat in Halloween but Dagombas Tilaa has a different way. It is celebrated on every 27 on the Dagombas calendar which also falls on the 27 day of Ramadan.

Ninsala by Maccasio was first reportedly to be released on the day of Eid al Fitr but on the 27 day of Ramadah which doubles up a celebration night for many Muslims and traditional, the multiple award winning rapper choose to release it as his way of giving out what he has deeply from his heart.

Maccasio Ninsala took over the airwaves and playlist of almost all the music lover across the region, with thousands of fans, Djs and music pundits asking '' SO HE CAN SING ? ''. Instead of singing the Tilaa song, many 69 lovers choose to sing Ninsala by Maccasio as their Tilaa song. The Tilaa song goes like this;

" Tilaa Tilaa
Tilaa Naawuni
Anabi zal li '' click to read more

From the people point of view, Tilaa is a Dagomba festival and its meaning and reason is similar to the Islamic Teachings, thus sharing or giving to the needy or poor, and in the verses of maccasio song Ninsala, there is no shortage of direct praise to God in Maccasio's lyrics, the rapper/singer also painted a vivid picture of how mankind isn't fully capable of keeping their promises.

And Maccasio song goes like this
Click on GhanaTrase to listen

Mention Tilaa to a Northerner, particularly a Dagomba man or woman, boy or girl and the response you get is nothing but exciting memories or stories about Tilaa. Many believe is a Tradition of the Dagombas or northerners others believe it's part of Islam. The history of Tilaa is uncertain because many can't best tell its origin

Maccasio told Sanatu Zambang he might drop an album very soon, as his management are working day in day out to get the right things done.

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