Northern Ghana Startups grab (5) Nominations at the 2017 Ghana Startups awards

Northern Ghana startups grabs (5) nominations at the 2017 Ghana Startups awards. The nominations for the various categories was released on 19th June, 2017 by the organizers of the Ghana Startup Awards, The African Network of Entrepreneurs(TANOE).

Unlike previous years, Northern Ghana recorded a lot of new faces on the nomination list. Multiple award winning company Hyperlink Entertainment Gh, has grabbed two nominations, namely media Startup of the year and student setup of the year. Northern Ghana most popular and promising clothing line Wear Nation, and Roots by Linnan took the category of Fashion Startup of the year, while CowTribe came under the Technology Startup of the year.

Unlike other Startups Wear Nation is an urban clothing brand that fuses African prints and leather into elegant designs. Having co-organized the first Fashion Run Way and has given back to society on countless occasions with the little sales they make.

Roots by Linnan is another classic clothing line from Northern Ghana, inspired by the regal zebra. The signature black and white pattern of our soft smock fabric evokes harmony, power and understated elegance.

Hyperlink Entertainment Gh. Ltd is one of the best entertainment companies in Ghana focusing in Event Management (Hyper Events), video productions (hyper studios), music/audio productions (hyper studios), TV Productions (Hyperlink TV), Talent/Artiste management (Hyperlink GH) and Sound Systems(Hyper Sounds).

CowTribe is a social enterprise operating in the livestock sector in Ghana to bridge access gap among smallholders. CowTribe uses data science and machine-learning technology to capture and analyze massive amounts of animal health data from farmers and other stakeholders.  the company seeks to reduce poverty by making simple technologies available to farmers to help them fight diseases and promote optimum health in their animals.

The event will be sponsored by the Premium Bank and heavily supported by The Startup Network, The HelpStation,  KPMG and iConceptsPR. The winners will also be decided by the Startup Awards Jury.

The Ghana Startups Awards is an annual award ceremony that celebrates ambitious and indigenous start-up businesses that are making impact, contributing to economic growth, meeting social needs and putting Ghana on the global economic map.

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