We all know (and to a very large extent, agree) that, women have for centuries been excluded, and there's no denying the fact that, the problem of gender targets women. Listening to, and reading from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie inspired my interest for Feminism and I've been an advocate of that progressive course, albeit subtly. She puts it so well: Equality for all sexes.

However, to some people in our part of the country, especially Tamale, Feminism is an unprovoked verbal assault of the male gender. That's misandry and it violates the very principles on which Feminism is anchored on. It's certainly not right, for a woman to disguise her own unfair, matriarchal agenda in the name of Feminism. It's misandry to lamp up all men as chauvinist and sexist just because of their gender. That can't be right and I don't think any real feminist will do that.

Feminism isn't about fighting for supremacy over the male gender, but Equality. I know a few Feminists, and they are lively people with an inimitable sense of humor. The advocacy is not about running to social media at the drop of a hat, and lashing out at the male gender.

I know Feminists who are married and serve their husbands how a woman is supposed to (according to either their religion or tradition). If you regard the male gender with disgust and distaste to the extent that, you'd rather remain single forever, Hallelujah. But just know that, that's not Feminism.

Feminism respects women who have chosen to stay at home and raise their children just as it respects career women. It's only pseudo-feminists who don't respect the choices people make.

Anyone who's sincerely passionate about Feminism should drop any lopsided view of Equality, for Feminism isn't misandry!

And always be reminded that, just as we have misogynists, there are misandrists too who are too prejudiced against the male gender.

Adnan Abdulai

Edrine Habasa has a different view and its titled

 Let's Take Sentiments Out of Feminism.

"Why buy toy guns and toy cars for a baby boy but buy dolls and toy cooking kits for a baby girl?" "Why not the other way round?" These were some of the peak moment questions, in a heated dialogue, with a passionate female feminist-friend of mine.

Such narrowly scoped questions about a broad subject, are characteristics of how the feminists' prevailing agenda and thought patterns have been, almost irreparably, stained with impassioned, sentimental, personal and derailing rhetoric.

On top of the above example of my friend, studying the school of thought of feminists, on a global view, one will find that our dear sisters (I say sisters because the majority of the feminists are female) have been eluded by the thin, but highly significant chasm between "Sexual equality" and "Sexual sameness".

Whether men and women are equal is a socio-political question but whether they are the same, is a scientific one. Sexual equality implies we are entitled to an equal exposure and access to medical services, educational services, employment opportunities but never to the same genetic make-up and physiology.

The tyranny of sentimentalism has successfully swayed the would be good feminism agenda, off the path of restoring sanity, on the planet!

In the pursuit of their ego-motivated goals to be better than, smarter than, richer than, blah…blah-than men, the impassioned women groups have betrayed the millions of fellow women who are languishing in poverty.

So, rather than champion their naïve personal interests of wanting to be the same as men, I suggest that feminists revise their agenda to push for a more objective cause of ensuring that we, or better still all women, have equal access to a sane livelihood.

So, whereas women and men are, or ought to be equal, they are not the same! The rise of radicalism and sentimentalism in feminism won't stop until our sisters come to terms with this fact.

As long as our sisters are going to keep falling for the radical, sentimental feminists' rhetoric that they are the same as men, we are poised to see more relational chaos in the families, society and the world.

It's only by understanding the differences between men and women that we can really start building on our collective strengths - rather than on our individual weaknesses.

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